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Established in 2008, this contemporary, tell-all site explores the age of Louis XVI. It focuses on art, fashion, architecture, music, scandals, and our favorite French débutantes, as well as 18th-century inspirations in pop culture. The site coincides with the Georgian perspective at Georgiana's Gossip Guide.

Lauren's been spotlighted and featured in News From France, Girlebooks, PBS, and Oxford University Press. She is an art librarian, art historian, and blogger. 

When she's not researching all things art, assisting her students, or buying all of the art books(!), you can find her re-reading Jane Austen, streaming tons of television, and - weather permitting - running.

She holds an MA in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex, an MS in Information Science from the University at Albany, and a BFA in Studio Art. She has spent the last eight years promoting the study of art history and the 18th century online. Lauren lives, works, and blogs in New York City.

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