A Letter From Madame Elisabeth

July 31, 2008

A Letter From Madame Elisabeth

On October 16, 1789 Madame Elisabeth writes to Abbé de Lubersac:
"The Queen, who has incredible courage, begins to be in better favor with the people. I hope that in time, and by unremitting prudence, we may regain the love of the Parisians, who have merely been deceived.

But, sir, the people of Versailles! Have you ever seen more frightful ingratitude? No; I think that Heaven in wrath peopled that city with monsters out of hell. How long it will take to make them recognize their injustice! And if I were king, how long it would take me to believe in their repentance! What ingrates toward an honest man!

Would you believe, sir, that all our misfortunes, far from bringing me back to God, give me a veritable disgust for all that relates to prayer? Beg of Heaven for me the grace not to abandon everything. . . . Ask also that the reverses of France may recall to a better mind those who have contributed to them by their irreligion."


  1. me too! It's a very interesting mix of styles- very transitional.