The Duchess - Fashion du Jour!

Finally The Duchess has come to theaters around here, and I was able to see it last night. Heather has a review of the movie coming that you will be interested to read—if you have already seen it!

The website for The Duchess (removed as of 2015) has a great feature on some of the movies costumes, a feature that Coppola’s Marie Antoinette site sadly did not have. The costume feature is great (although my favorite garment is not listed on it) it does not, however, discuss the jewelry worn in the movie.

I have a soft spot for shoes and accessories and found myself noting each piece worn by the lady characters every time a new event or day dawned!

The earring trend in the film was: drop stones, adorned with glittering little bows. Lovely, elegant, and so so soo feminine. If you did see the film and loved the ornaments the girls wore then I have some good news for you!

I seem to religiously pass the Betsey Johnson display windows at Macy*s every month—and Betsey Johnson was running through my head during the film! As of late she has been putting out the most adorable feminine pieces of jewelry and here are some of them. I wouldn't have been surprised if she made pieces for the film!

Georgiana appeared wearing the little drop earrings in an early scene with her mother, Lady Spencer. They were dark and had the small bow from which a dark crystal drop hung. Very pretty and if I could find an image I would post it but they were little like these on the left. Well a following scene Georgiana appears at a ball with her dear friend Bess. In this scene Georgiana is wearing earrings that are diamond and ruby but here we have Bess wearing the glittering crystal bows on her ears, with a flashy large pear shaped crystal drop dangling from them.

If we compare them to the little dark pair Georgiana wore previously we see Bess saying about them,
“Why Georgiana, what an exquisite, dainty, understated little pair of earrings, how clever of your jeweler not to waste his off cuts!”
* Appears in flashy crystal earrings! * Okay Bess would not have said that to Georgiana, but it is fun to read it that way! The scene makes a lot of sense historically, as Heather has pointed out Amanda Foremen explained Bess as a top notch celebrity stalker, and would in fact be seen wearing the jewelry that Georgiana wore the evening before.

The bow/ drop crystal style was peppered throughout the movie with different stones and shapes. You will have to let me know what you think of them!

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