Oh, I am hardly a Latinist

It was polite convention to plead inadequacy in talents, including spoken languages. Even if you excelled at it.


  1. I'd say it still is. Just today someone called my agency and was telling me that among his many talents as a business project manager, he speaks four languages (and he proceeded to list them all)...

  2. To list my inadequacy in talents would be too time consuming! I would have been so very polite!

  3. Hi, I just discovered your blog, by searching for blogs by other people who are a bit Marie Antoinette inspired! So happy to make your virtual acquaintance :) I absolutely love your blog/site! I can do a lot of expressive things but unfortunately historical knowledge like that is not one of them!! LOve LOve LOve it! I've bookmarked you and I will be sure to stop by often - come check out my neck of the woods too! I've been working on my Marie Antoinette Inspired faux cake line...and display doll that you might dig!

  4. @ Eliza - yuck! He needs to save it for the CV.
    @ Judith- Ha! You would have been that super polite & modest lady at court!

    Hi Amarettogirl! I am glad you found the site! Definitely keep in touch and feel free to share any 18th century secrets you might know!!