Croquembouche & Fragrance

"The name comes from the French phrase croque en brouche, which means "crunch in the mouth"...."  Read the Full Post here!

YSLGuy, of Let Them Eat Cupcakes, has recently posted on croquembouche, a very fun and delicious dessert.  I enjoyed his post and now I find I am very curious about the fragrance he mentions which is inspried by the dessert!  I have also found a fragrance inspired by the same, and I am interested in comparing the two.  Has anyone else come across a fragrance like this? Would you try it? I am looking for suggestions based on the sweet scent!

YSLGuy's post:

Ironically I cannot find a link to the fragrance mentioned by YSLGuy and the Croquembouche I have by Demeter Fragrance Library, well it was knocked over and spilt everywhere! Now their site seems down. le sigh! I did find the body lotion though:
Demeter Croquembouche body lotion

More on croquembouche and it's history


  1. Sweet post! i hope you can find that fragance.


  2. Oh my I really want to taste that!

  3. that looks incredible! what a great idea !!