Sibling Ref: Antoinette & Joseph

In someways, Joseph was not very smooth, such as voicing his opinion on sensitive subjects.  On the matter of his little sister, Marie Antoinette, he held a variety of opinions. He had an opinion on her marriage, her behavior, her country, the state of her courts affairs, and Versailles etiquette.  Sometimes his opinions were shared with the wrong audiences because he did not always make the best judgment in who he was telling.

One instance that provoked Joseph to make a comment rich enough to make its way to this blog today occurred while visiting his sister at Versailles. Antoinette made plans for her brother to meet her in Paris, at the Italian opera.  Fun!

She wrote to him detailing the plan.  When the day came Joseph made his way there to meet up with her.  Unfortunatly, in a very last minute decision, for whatever reason, she decided to have him meet her at the French Opera instead!

As he was already at the Italian Opera, she had a messenger sent to there to let him know plans have changed and direct him where to go. Upon receiving the message, and surely he was quite befuddled (I mean to say, obviously annoyed) over the very last minute switch, he noted out-loud, “Your young Queen is very thoughtless, but, fortunately you French do not mind that.” Fair enough?


  1. *Smacks head* Joseph! If only you knew, comments like those get a monarch's head cut off in France!

  2. Mon regard a Mademoiselle votre mere, Monsieur l'Empereur.

    Why yes I did just call you a bastard, but in the nicest way possible. I'm sure you Austrians don't mind that.

  3. I must say, I love your on dits about Marie and her entourage and family!

  4. lol! I have friends that do that sort of stuff. Its funny to think how little people have changed