Masquerade: Fall Makeup Collection

Masquerade is the theme of the week!

It is also the name of the new Smashbox fall collection.  I was able to check out this collection and LOVE it. Oh. so ... much!

Before we even begin with the makeup you will be caught by the packaging...feathers, spangles midnight purples and a pop of muted deep pink cover the packages for each product.  The idea is clear; a sparkling night of costume and glamour and a bit of mystery! Even the products are themed this way.  For instance, the lip enhancing gloss has a midnight purple/blue metal cap and simple silver type.  Lovely!

I have the lip enhancing gloss in Disguise gorgeous berry color that goes on as a sheer, adds just the right amount of color to my lips.  It is full of gold, pink and green sparkle flecks, surprisingly when you wear the gloss, the flecks create more of a highlight than sparkle.  Hence the 'lip enhancing gloss' label.  The other color Masquerade lip gloss is available in is Reveal, a mysterious, almost gold shade. It was hard to decide!

For the face, the Baked Fusion Soft Lights Palette (another tempting item).  When worn your skin glows, I think it is comparable to Two Faced Candlelight powder, although the 'glow' factor is better with Masquerade. The mascara is a double feature: liquid liner and lash cover. Gives lashes an almost metallic shine. 

The Smashbox Masquerade Eye Palette comes in the following shades: Matte soft peach, Shimmering black plum, Matte taupe, Metallic khaki, Shimmering gold, Bronze, Metallic Cabernet, and Shimmering navy and Matte bone.

Smashbox features two looks for the makeup line although there are so many possibilities with the amazing eyeshadow shades!  The looks they feature are Intrigue and Mystique.  You can learn how to create the looks and get the proper products from the Smashbox Website.  Perfect for anyone planning to attend a masked ball or just a fabulous night out on the town!

I now own the eyeshadow palette as well.l It is just as fab. The colors are unique to the brand and my favorites so far are Metallic Cabernet and Metallic Khaki! <3 new makeup!


  1. Masquerade makeup! Very cool! Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my list of super Marie Antoinette blogs/online resources! Have a great day!

    -Mistress of the blog

  2. @Mistress Thank you! The makeup is fab!

    Anyone who has sampled (or will be sampling) this collection, do post your pictures and reviews here! Imagine all the looks that could be created!

  3. I've been drooling over their hydrating powder (you know, the one that's supposed to decrease all those "tiny lines and wrinkles" that look like the Grand Canyon) for weeks. It's just hard to think of spending that kind of money on powder.


  4. @nightmusic oh yes I know what you mean about the powder.

    This is the Halo powder mentioned by @nightmusic
    'Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder'
    a bit pricey- has anyone tried it???