London Yesterday

Thomas Malton I, London, view of White Hall. Watercolor, mid 18th century. Victoria and Albert Museum.



Thinking about London for the past few days, particularly tonight. I hope all my friends and readers who are there now stay safe.  Such a sad, sad thing- the old city.

I love Lahndahhhhhn!


  1. I live near the affected areas and all I can say is that this is really crazy and dangerous.

    Yesterday, I was on the bus coming home and I saw a car burning on the street and people fighting with the police, gosh... I thought I was in Bagdad.

    Btw I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and I really like it.

    Keep posting please!

    cheers from London

  2. so sad to think that such a majestic city is in so much danger.

  3. @Adrian, thanks I hope everything is getting back to normal!! :o) Glad you are ok!

    @History's Best Dressed I know! so sad...