Madame de Saint-Maurice is thinking spring: Fashion

Joseph Siffred Duplessis, Madame de Saint-Maurice. 1776, oil on canvas. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Madame de Saint Maurice is ready for spring, possibly preparing to receive guests at her home.

She sits at her dressing table in a beautiful under-dress that is trimmed with pink satin ribbon.  Her skirt is sheer white over soft pink and embroidered with floral details.  Her dressing robe is also decorated with a floral motif: budding leaves and blooms. Sheer and soft with ruffled trim, Duplessis has excelled at creating the illusion of light weight drapery.


  1. wonderful! I wish I had a bow like that to pin my blouses from the front =)

  2. I love how the painter was able to catch the texture of the fabric bows. It looks like taffeta. I love the detail.

  3. I feel like I would like her. A lot.

  4. @Carrots oh yea this portrait has so much personality!!

    @Beverly you are right! the details are amazing

    @rainbow gatherer I always want to start fashion trends from historical portraits, bow pins would be a good one...

  5. So excited to see a woman of...robust figure in one of these paintings!