Book Review - Confessions of Marie Antoinette

Anonymous, Portrait of Marie Antoinette. French, late 18th century,  stipple engraving, printed in colors. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Fall is here and it is the perfect season for tea, scones and reading! I have another new book to add to your fall reading list.

My (spoiler free *wink*)  review of Confessions of Maire Antoinette: a novel by Juliette Grey is now available on   This book is the third in a series of three, but I have only read this one - and had no trouble at all falling right into the story.

Here is a snippet from my post:

A particularly strong scene is the storming of the Tuileries Palace.  A mob of citizens breaks into the palace seeking out the king and queen. Without time to join each other or come up with a plan, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are each forced to face the mob on their own. They are caught in separate rooms with only their courage to pull them through. With a table separating mother and children from the mob, Grey describes this frightening scene beautifully, full of emotion and descriptive detail.

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Grey, Juliet. Confessions of Marie Antoinette: a novel. New York: Ballantine Books Trade Paperbacks, 2013. Print.
ISBN 978-0345523907
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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  1. I will definitely put this on my reading list!