18th Century Dog Houses

Metropolitan Museum's Wrightsman Galleries for French Decorative Arts. features a small dog house in the far corner. this is a beautiful 18th century room
The Metropolitan Museum's Wrightsman Galleries for French Decorative Arts. Photo: Carlton Hobbs LLC
The 18th century saw some lucky pups! Here are gorgeous examples of 18th century dog houses in incredible condition for their age (and use!)  This first dog house was likely a cozy place to sleep for one of Marie Antoinette's dogs!

If you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Wrightsman Galleries, look for a little 18th century dog house on display.  The exterior of the dog house is covered in blue velvet and architectural elements frame the house, painted in gold.  The interior is lined with striped silk and has, of course, a comfortable velvet pillow bed for the lucky royal pup.  This decorative little house was made for royal dogs, and it is stamped with the mark of Marie Antoinette's royal furniture maker!

a close up of Marie Antoinette's Dog house at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

a blue velvet dog house has gold trim from the 18th century
Dog kennel Claude I Sené (1724–1792, master 1743), ca. 1775–80, Gilded beech and pine; silk and velvet. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This doghouse has a stamp by Marie Antoinette's royal furniture maker!
This stamp reads GARDE MEUBLE DE LA REINE [mark of the Garde Meuble de la Reine Marie-Antoinette]

A close up of marie antoinette's dog house

A Pair of Louis XV Dog Kennels, made with green satin and gold detail. There is a floral design on the satin.
Etienne Nauroy, Pair of Louis XV Dog Kennels. 1765, Gilt wood. Wrightsman Collection, image via Sotheby's.

Another example of an 18th century dog house is this pair from the mid 18th-century. They have little curtains tucked inside and are also lined with silk.  The tops of these are fitted with a matching pillow, a perfect low stool for a foot rest! Comfort for both dog and master.

close detail of the inside of the A Pair of Louis XV Dog Kennels
Etienne Nauroy, Pair of Louis XV Dog Kennels (Detail). 1765, Gilt wood. Wrightsman Collection, image via Sotheby's.

18th century sedan chair for a dog. This is much like when people put small dogs in a stroller and go for a walk.
Dog's Sedan Chair, Louis XV style. 1765, Gilt wood, velvet and brass. Wrightsman Collection, image via Sotheby's.
And here is something a little different. This is a sedan chair for a dog! Have you ever seen such a thing?

This interesting object was made in the mid-18th century. It is gilt and covered in red velvet. The decorative brass studs create little heart designs, and the overall shape is that of a pagoda.  In this case, the well loved 18th century puppy will travel in comfort, a plush velvet cushion lines the inside of the chair. 

the 18th century sedan dog chair has feathers at the top and a heart motif along the walls.
The top has features, I assume to add flair as the dog is traveling around.  Can't you picture them bobbing and fluttering in the movement?  Also, notice along the bottom of the chair are figures of little dogs (so you know just who belongs in it!)

close up detail of  the bottom of the Dog's Sedan Chair, Louis XV style. 1765

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  1. I know a certain dog that would love one of those. Although his habit of digging in his bed before sleeping would not keep it in as good of condition!

  2. Hm, I know a certain Queen who might be bookmarking one of these for me to purchase....in her size. Of course, her size wasn't en vogue among the ladies of the court in Antoinette's time (she is 17" at the withers), she sure acts like a queen! A very spoiled, very rich queen!

    1. lol! I can think of several pups I know who also would be loving one of these *various sizes needed of course

  3. Wow, these are luxurious! If I had a pet that would need a house I would totally try to find or create asimilar one.

    1. Seems like there is a market, maybe someone on etsy will take the hint!