Madame DuBarry Movie Release

Madame du Barry movie poster 1920

Eureka!Entertainment have announced they are releasing Madame DuBarry, as part of their Masters of Cinema Series on September 22, 2014.

This film stars actress Pola Negri (Emma Bovary in Madame Bovary 1937) as Jeanne Vaubernier, who would become the infamous Madame DuBarry and Emil Jannings as Louix XV. Jennings also portrayed King Henry VIII in Anna Boleyn (1920).....

Pola Negri as 18th century French royal mistress Madame Du Barry in the 1920 film
Pola Negri as Madame Du Barry, working her way up the aristocratic ladder in Madame DuBarry (1919). Photograph by Theodor Sparkühl and Fritz Arno Wagner. The Pola Negri Appreciation Site

"[The film Madame DuBarry] tore down the American ban on German films, caused an international interest in German pictures that for a time threatened to overshadow Hollywood, and began the Hollywood phenomenon of importing overseas talent, beginning with director Ernst Lubitsch on December 24, 1921, and following up with Pola Negri on September 12, 1922. Only in France did this film do poorly, where its rewrite of French history was generally considered to be revisionist German propaganda."
"Pola Negri Filmography - German Silent Period (1917-1922)." The Pola Negri Appreciation Site. (accessed October 24, 2014).

Film still from Madame DuBarry via Eureka!Entertainment

Madame DuBarry was originally released in 1920 by First National with the title Passion. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch, and costumes designed by Ali Hubert.

costume designs for Madame du Barry fashion history sketches
Costume for Jeanne Vaubernier for the film Madame Dubarry. Ali Hubert. European Film Gateway. 

costume designs for Madame du Barry fashion history sketches
Costume Design  for the film Madame Dubarry.. Ali Hubert. European Film Gateway. 

The new release features  HD 1080p presentation, Blu-ray, and newly translated English subtitles.

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