120 Objects From the Life of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

Attributed to Jean-Babtiste Andre Gautier D'Agoty, Marie-Antoinette in front of the Temple of Love, oil on canvas. 41 x 33cm. Christie's.

Well I am totally shocked to learn one of my favorite portraits of Marie Antoinette went up for grabs, and sadly I didn't have the $17,000 laying around to pick it up.

Christie's held the Collection Marie-Antoinette design auction in Paris.  This sale features 120 objects ranging from architectural plans, paintings, fans, miniatures, books, documents, sculptures, and more.  The items gathered for this sale are ah-mazing. I seriously suggest you take a flip through the catalog - it is fantastic!

Each of these objects bears witness to the infamous story of the royal couple and the events which marked the history of France.  

Entourage of Louis-Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun (Paris 1755-1842). Portrait of Marie Antoinette. Oil on canvas. Christie's.

Another item included in the sale will be this painting from Vigee Leburn's circle. There are so many things that we haven't seen before!  This particular portrait was exhibited in 1955! It is estimated to fetch between $7,747 - $11,068.

MARIE-ANTOINETTE. Pièce autographe, signée "Antoine Archiduchesse", adressée à Thérèse ou Barbe Durieux, datée du 19 avril 1770. Elle a été rédigée au verso d’une gouache représentant saint Jean-Baptiste. Un feuillet in-12 (environ 165 x 115 mm). Encre et gouache sur peau de vélin. Encadré. Christie's

A small art object depicting John the Baptist is also for sale.  On the back of this item is a little note addressed to her lady-in-waiting, signed by Marie Antoinette, dated two days before her infamous departure to France. Estimated to fetch $7,732 - $11,046.

This is pretty amazing too - an invoice from Rose Bertin for 1361 pounds. It is just incredible how these things have survived time.

A Brides Dress Designed by Rose BertinMarie-Antoinette's Dressmaker, in 1786 for a Young Woman of The French High Society, Angelique de Perigny. Christie's. 

Rose Bertin (1747-1813). Paid invoice in the amount of 1361 pounds for the supply of various fashion items to Madame de Périgny to "Mademoiselle", 1 April 1786-30 July 1787, 3 lines and autograph Rose Bertin. Two folio sheets (337 x 218 mm). 

The invoice, dated 1 April, just days after the wedding of Madame de Périgny, details the "wedding garment" (700 pounds), "the trim of a Turkish white crepe dress, blue spangles, green spangles ... ". The second Turkish dress "satin striped pink gauze," cost 480 pounds. The document is estimated to fetch between $884 - $1,326.

If only I could buy them all!

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