A gallant and lady in an elegant 18th-century interior: Ils sont d'accord

I mean, honestly, who can resist a genre painting?
I would fill my house up with them if I could.

One artist who excelled at the style of genre painting was Michel Garnier.  When viewing Garnier's work, pay attention to things such as his attention to detail regarding the fashions of the period. In particular shoes, dresses, fabrics, feathers and ribbons.

He also gives a great deal of attention to interior settings (decorative art objects, walls, colors, light, architecture).

Michel Garnier. Ils sont d'accord. 178[6]? oil on canvas. 

Ils sont d'accord was painted and signed by Michel Garnier in 178[6?].  The young gallant recites some lines of poetry he has quickly memorized.  He hides the book of verses behind his back as he recites.¹  His companion plays some chords to compliment the poetry. The scene demonstrates the harmony between the two. 

¹Duron, Jean. 2007. Regards sur la musique-- au temps de Louis XVI. Wavre (Belgique): Mardaga. 9.

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