Versailles: a Bedroom of style

Photo tour!

The Queen's bedroom at Versailles saw its fair share of lady occupants. The style of the furnishings rotated with the fashions, which were kept up for the ladies, naturally.  They could update the decor and commission works for the rooms as they wished.  Today it is left as it was when Marie Antoinette occupied the room. The Guard room is the only room that is in its 17th-century state.  This room was occupied by the Queen's guard (twelve body guards).

Versailles: Palace Interior: Queen's Chamber (various views). Versailles (France)
The paintings on the ceiling are by Boucher, made for Marie Leszczinska. The paintings are of Virtues, which represent those virtues held by queens. They are: Fidelity, Charity, Prudence and Generosity. Surely all the ladies whom stayed in this room met the qualifications! I wonder which virtue was each queen's favorite...

The Guard room, Versailles. Chateau Versailles © EPV

Versailles: Palace Interior: Queen's Nobles' Salon Fireplace wall. An antechamber. Marie Antoinette had the room redecorated except for the paintings on the ceiling. Versailles (France) 

Among the famous women to stay in this room were...

Marie-Thérèse, Queen of France.

Charles Beaubrun, Henri Beaubrun the Younger,  Marie-Thérèse, Queen of France. c. 1660, oil on canvas.  Musée national des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon

Duchess Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria

Attributed to Jean François de Troy (1679–1752),  Portrait of Duchess Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria, known as la Grande Dauphine. After 1690, painting. Location unknown.

Duchesse de Bourgogne

Pierre Gaubert, Portrait of Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie, Duchesse de Bourgogne. 1704, oil on canvas. 
 Musée national des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon

Maria Leszczyńska, Queen of France

Alexis Simon Belle,  Maria Leszczyńska, Queen of France, 1730, painting. Unknown location.

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (1755–1842), La Reine en Gaulle. 1783, oil on canvas. Schloss Wolfsgarte.


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  3. This is my favorite room at Versailles!!! Lot's of gold.

  4. I have actually been there and seen it with my own eyes, and it's really beautiful, breathtakingly so! I wish my own bedroom would look just a tiny percent as beautiful as Antoinette's.

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  8. Walking through this room, it was hard to understand precisely how large that bed truly was. The room was enormous, covered with gilt and paintings, dwarfing a bed that was almost as big and higher than my bedroom.

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