Eye Candy: Incroyables et Merveilleuses

112 years after Marie Antoinette was executed, Christian Dior was born. Connection? Not really but ... he moved to Paris when he was 10, and was rather fashion minded. He started the iconic style of 'figure 8' in the mid century, and really pioneered new fashion for the post war shoppers. I am posting this cocktail dress of his for fun, but what I really want to show you is...this collection!!

I have been in love with these since they came out. The collection is called Incroyables et Merveilleuses, and the pieces are stunning! It is something that any Comtesse or Duchess would pine over, each buy a different piece and giggle over them at 1 am in the gardens. Honestly! I can not even choose a favorite, I like the different little themes in all of them! Click on the image to see the larger more detailed image!

Check out Dior's entire collection here: Just click on the Incroyables et Merveilleuses collection! And I know you would just love to receive a pair of these drop earrings for your next fête!


  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Oh I want I want!! Especially the very first one in the collection, with the purple stone and the flowers.

    How did you get the pictures of them?

  2. Those are just fabulous!

  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

    I'll be content with the green earrings. What a great post, Lauren!

  4. Love this collection! Several of the rings are in my fashion scrapbook, after having been mercilessly hacked out of back issues of Vogue :p I have often thought that John Gallino (current head designer for Dior) may be the reincarnation of Rose Bertin. He has done some truly spectacular Marie Antoinette themed gowns in recent years, as seen in these examples from the Fall '07 Couture collection:



  5. Santa baby...send me a Dior ring, a bit of bling, I've been an awful good girl...

  6. I know I would just adore one of those jeweled creations on my finger but I would be the person to find an excuse to wear those drop earrings everywhere!
    They are just subtle enough to sparkle behind loose hair when its daytime. (show them off at night though!)

  7. Anonymous3:07 PM

    A fashion scrapbook is such a marvelous idea Mythosidhe! As of now I just have a folder on my computer and piles of magazines that I can't bear to throw away. I should totally just put it all together into a scrapbook.

  8. Mmm. I believe less is more, but I might just change my philosophy over these - Love those rings!