Portrait of the Comtesse de Beaufort (or is it?)

Louis Michel van Loo, Portrait of the Comtesse de Beaufort. 1760, oil on canvas. The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College.

"This beautiful idealized portrait has been long known as La Comtesse de Beaufort, though her identity needs to be further investigated." (Old Masters, n.d.) I love this portrait, especially how color reflects off the white satin bodice. It almost looks like the blue sky in a mirror. Look closely at some of the colorful gemstones (detail below).  


  1. Hi Lauren:) the fabric is definitely sumptuous..but the outfit looks like it's unfinished..a bit blah in my opinion. I do love the way the white absorbs the blue and turns it almost pearly. Thanks!

  2. she reminds me of this portrair of madame de aubeterre: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_dEWAhGMTIoA/S3b6eOg5TWI/AAAAAAAAAXI/I6aPVmeWjCw/s1600-h/2181.jpg

    very similar!

  3. Patricia12:55 AM

    I had no idea that such a treasure was so close to me. I graduated from Rollins and never knew it was there. I must pay a visit soon.

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM